Monday, 28 February 2011

Nudey crawling

So after several weeks of commando crawling, Immie has done her first proper crawl. Christopher noticed she was doing proper crawling in the bath and decided she might try it on dry land if she didn't have a nappy on.

So after some negotiation that he would clean up any accidents (as letting Immie do anything with no nappy on is like playing Russian roulette!) he closed the stair gate and all the doors upstairs and gave her free run (or free crawl) of the landing. Sure enough she did a proper crawl from one side to the other. No more commando crawling, our baby girl has finally cracked it.... until you put a nappy back on then its back to army style commando crawling. Sigh. Now I see the point of active fit nappies. Might be off to buy some later!

Mama x

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