Tuesday, 27 September 2011

INSET days, Halloween Dress up days and Christmas plays

Today we received the Children's Centre newsletter for Immie's nursery.

On it was a list of dates. Many of these things excited me.

1) INSET days, ok these aren't so exciting, they just cause a childcare nightmare. But I hope the nursery staff at least get a nice lunch! ;)
2) Nursery photographs, the photographer is coming next month, Immie missed her photo last time as she was poorly, I REALLY hope she makes it this time!
3)On the 31st October, they have to dress up for Halloween! haha. Immie has a cat costume that her cousin Daisy donated to her, so I think she can wear that, she'll look supercute!
4) Towards the end of the Christmas term, Immie will be in the Christmas performance (yes even the babies take part!) I wonder what she'll have to do? I hope she conforms and I REALLY hope I can wangle the afternoon off school :)

So many exciting things to look forward to YAY!

Mama x

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Survival of the fittest

It is well documented that I LOVE taking Immie to her Puddleducks swimming lessons. It is possibly my most favourite half an hour of the week. Danielle our lovely teacher has gone off and had a baby (Congratulations Danielle!!!) and now we have a new teacher, Kerry who is just as fabulous as Danielle and Faye before her.

We have moved in to the kickers class, everything is a lot more serious now. We swim round with the babies clinging on to our backs (including swimming underneath the water!) and today Kerry stood one side of the pool I stood in the middle and Kerry flung Immie in the air and we let her flop in to the water (to simulate falling in!!), amazingly Immie didn't cry! PHEW!

However, there is one bit of swimming that I don't like and this is the same whether it is a lesson or you have gone for a fun swim at the local leisure centre and that is GETTING CHANGED!

Getting changed has to be the worst thing EVER. Mainly because at all pools there is a distinct lack of baby changing facilities. Not the fault of the pool owners, it is just the way it is.  But what makes this experience so stressful is changing-hoggers! The parents who lay all their towels, wipes, creams and talc out on a changing station, hogging it and preventing anyone else from using it. So today for example we had 5 children in the pool, with 4 changing stations. 2 parents got out the minute the splashtime starter (bit rude I think!), Immie and I had a bit of a splash and at 10am precisely we got out and were 4th out, so you would think we'd have got a changing station, but oh no, some pushy individual had hogged a station! So poor Immie had to sit on the side, shivering in her towel, even though we weren't the last out. Getting a changing station is definitely survival of the fittest!

There will always be someone last out and waiting, but it annoys me that we weren't last out but still had to wait. If Id have realised we had a changing-hogger in our midst I would have let Immie have a bit more splash time, I wouldn't have been so quick to get out! If I was that way inclined I would have thrown the woman's towels etc on the floor but I did the incredibly British thing of getting Christopher to try and change Immie on the floor!

Then another parent left all her stuff on a changing station even though her son was changed and happily in the play pen! At this point I shouted across to Christopher "Oh just chuck it on the floor!" she then realised her error, tried to blame her husband and sheepishly moved the offending items.

So mummies and daddies next time you are at the pool, don't be a changing-hogger and once you have dried and changed your little darling, MOVE YOUR CRAP OUT OF MY WAY!

Mama x

Monday, 12 September 2011

"Imogen enjoys climbing, especially where she shouldn't... i.e. the sink in the play area"

Last week we got Imogen's first full report from nursery. She has been going to nursery for over 6 months now. The reports are like a school report. Divided in to areas of learning and written a very familiar style.

I read Imogen's report sat in my classroom after school. If you had walked past the door you would have wondered what I was doing as I sat there and howled with laughter.

"Imogen enjoys playing with her friends" Now I always think the other kids at nursery are her acquaintances , she sees them, but do they really register as friends?

"Imogen enjoys climbing, especially where she shouldn't.... i.e. the sink in the play area" hahahahaha this cracks me up as I can imagine her doing this and getting stuck.

"Imogen enjoys being creative and playing with custard" hahaha so that is what her cardigan was caked in last week!!!

So the report made me laugh but it also made me realise how fast she is developing. They have got a new baby in the little acorns room now, so Immie isn't the youngest! This makes me a little sad that she is growing so fast but also very excited as I can't wait to see what she does next. Apparently Imogen likes the new baby as she walked up to it (sorry I don't know its gender or name yet!) this morning, said "hello baby" then toddled off to play!

In other news, nursery announced an INSET day on the one day OH can't rearrange his teaching. Looks like I'm gonna have to beg school for the day off :( ARGH!

Mama x