Thursday, 24 February 2011

Simon Cowell ankle swinging trousers!

Today is Immie's 2nd proper long day but not quite a full day at nursery.

I have come to the conclusion I am not a very good SAHM (Stay at home mum)/housewife and it is probably for the best that I will be returning to work. I have reached this conclusion because today I have sent my daughter dressed to nursery in her new very hungry caterpillar top. No worries there. Its brightly coloured and she looks very cute.

The problem is what is on her bottom half. A pair of light weight jeans embroidered with flowers that match the colour of her new top. Again, no problem I hear you say. Except these trousers are a tad on the short side! Every time you pick her up the trouser legs are around her knees, not a good look! They are for 6 - 9 months and Immie is now well and truly in the 9-12mth bracket.

So why didn't I put some more appropriately sized trousers on her? Because I am such a poor housewife I haven't managed to keep on top of the washing. So her jeans and jeggings are currently in the 'to be washed' pile in the spare room, covered in last weeks carrot puree (possibly even the week before!). This monster pile of washing has been there so long, I'm sure a family of spiders have set up home there!

Now, sure the weather has been rubbish recently, no outdoor drying, but I could have tumble dried the items. However, this usually ends in disaster and I don't want to turn all her trousers in to ankle swingers! Or pedal pushers as my Grandma would call them!

At least when I am back at work I will have an excuse for being behind with the washing!

Mama x

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