Saturday, 26 February 2011

I wonder if we can get a mortgage to buy a wooden wendy house?

Immie is cracking on towards 10 months and I've been wondering what we could buy her for her 1st birthday. The 1st birthday is a massive milestone, the one where you really want to throw a little party with cakes and cheesy wotsits. The one she probably won't remember but you can bet your life we will.

So after much thinking, I've some to the conclusion we want to buy her a little wendy house. A little wooden one to go in to the back garden. I will make little curtains for it (I can't sew but I'm sure Grandma will help!) I'm sure we have some spare carpet knocking about to carpet it, it will of course have little window boxes too for pretty little flowers to grow in (This is what all the pictures tell me anyway!) It doesn't need to be palatial but anything to cut out a bit more lawn to mow is fine by me!

So, I've been Googling to try and find a little house for my big girl. OMG some of these wooden Wendy houses (who is Wendy by the way!?) are A-MAZ-ING! Some have multiple levels, with little ladders (a health and safety nightmare surely?!) I've seen felt roofs, tiled roofs and even a THATCH roof!!! Then there is untreated, treated or even painted. Some have little chimneys and some of those chimneys even have pretend smoke!!!!

Of course all these are RIDICULOUSLY expensive, to the point that I am sure we would need to apply to the bank for a mortgage to buy them. The cheapest I have seen is £180 but some go up to £8000!!!!! Who spends £8000 on a wooden Wendy house!?

Anyway, with me going back to work just before Immie's 1st birthday I can't see us being able to afford a wooden Wendy house, even a cheap one without a thatch roof. :( Maybe that will have to be for birthday number 2. This of course leaves me with a problem, what on earth can we buy her for her birthday!?

Mama x

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