Monday, 14 February 2011

You know you need to lose weight when you only just fit through the stair gates!

Immie has learnt to crawl. Not proper crawling mind, she sort of drags herself in a commando with no legs kind of style. She's pretty fast now though!

It has got to the point where if you don't watch her, before you know it she is in the kitchen trying to eat cat biscuits and dipping her hands in the cats water bowl!

The cat, needless to say is unimpressed.

So in a bid to try and contain hurricane Immie, we decided to put the stair gates up.

Originally we bought 2, one for the top and one for the bottom of the stairs, but I quickly realised this wouldn't keep the cat's dinner safe! So we have put one on the lounge door and one at the top of the stairs. They work well and stop Immie from doing her best great escape impression. (Although it is pretty funny to watch her heft herself over the bar if you leave the gate open!)

However, I have 3 issues with the stair gates.

1) If the gate at the top of the stairs is shut, the cat cant get up there to our bedroom to sleep on our bed, great you would think, WRONG because now he sits at the step just below the gate scratching the carpet like mad!

2) I have no sense of balance, it is not my fault, it is a family trait inherited from my nannie Marker. I find it nearly impossible to hold on to Immie, open the gate (which requires 2 hands really!) and walk through the gate all without nearly falling down the stairs! I have serious concerns about this, it will require lots of concentration!

3) I only just fit through the gate! My fat arse and hips are clearly bigger than I thought. With this in mind it is probably for the best that I did not win the years supply of Fancie cupcakes today!

Mama x

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