Saturday, 21 August 2010

Park in a parent & child space when you have no child? You clearly are stupider than you look!

Ask me or any of my mummy friends why we use parent & child car parking spaces and I'm pretty sure most of us would agree it is so we can open our car doors without denting the car next to us.

So how infuriating is it when a moron without a child nicks the last mother & baby space!! All because they can't be bothered to get off their arse & walk 10m!

Most mummies I know do no use the spaces because they are closer to the door. But more because some people are so inconsiderate/useless they make it impossible to open the door to get a person out, let alone a car seat!

So forcing us to park in normal sized spaces is asking for trouble.

Even more frustrating is that the spaces aren't policed and heaven forbid you actually try to reason with the filthy chavster who nicked the last parent & child space!


Mama x

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Friday, 20 August 2010

Baby passport photos?! Yeah alright then

So we've booked our first family holiday to Cyprus at the end of October. Grandma and Grandad will be there for our first week (I see some babysitting going on!). We've bought a cheapy pushchair to take and vie stocked up on the important things (tshirts, shorts and cute sun dresses for Immie!)

But now it's time to apply for Immie's first passport. Trying to get a four month old to stay still, keep her mouth closed but her eyes open, not stick her hands in her mouth and look straight at the camera is nearly impossible. Who at the passport office actually thinks this is possible? And it costs a fortune! Should go back to babies being on the parents passport. Bloody EU!!

So it's about 2 months till we go, chances of me losing my baby weight by then? About the same as getting Immie to sit still for her passport photo!

Mama x

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

When should you start to lose your baby weight?

Going for blood tests today to try and find out why my back, knees and hips ache. Doc said it might be arthritis. Cobblers! I'm overweight. I've been overweight most of my life, apart from a brief spell at uni where I lost 3 & 1/2 stone. But post-baby I'm the heaviest I've ever been :( I know I need to shift at least 4 stone.

The nurse at my doctors said I am entitled to free swimming and slimming world passes (great I'm so fat I'm part of a government campaign) but the lovely nurse said I needed to go away and think about it as I only had a baby 4 mths ago. When I informed my mother of this she sent me a text saying 'what's to think about?" pressure!!

So when do I start? Now? Or leave it a bit longer. Tbh I know I hate the way I look but I love food too much.

Oh well best put Immie in her pushchair and get walking!

Mama x

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Monday, 16 August 2010

Oh I'll change your nappy because mummy can't be bothered

So that was what I heard my OH telling our baby this morning. Here I am crippled with back ache and painful knees and hips, moving around like someone in their late 80s not their late 20s and the person who should be supporting me thinks I'm just being lazy/making it up. (Surprising given that he had to have a back op 2 yrs ago, he knows only too well how debilitating back pain is.)

So it got me thinking, why are mums expected to be superhuman? We're expected to trudge on doing feeds, nappy changes etc even when we feel like total shite and OH feels fine (and is perfectly capable!). A lot is expected of mums, long gone are the days when you feel ill and can curl up asleep in bed. It's a good job your baby still gives you a podgy little smile or giggle or cuddle to cheer you up. So next time your mummy feels like crap, give her a smile/cuddle and offer to make her a brew, feeling supported might be just what she needs.

Mama x

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Saturday, 14 August 2010

A year ago today...

So it was a year ago today I found out I was pregnant, I remember the date as it was our wedding anniversary. I went to Tesco to avoiding doing some lesson planning and they had some pregnancy tests on BOGOF, so I bought 4. On the way home I realised my period was 1 day late and my boobs were hideously painful, I could hardly put my seatbelt on! I took the test in my downstairs loo, then stood in the kitchen giggling at the result (not the most hygienic of places to wait for the test result!)  I was desperate for a baby and ridiculously excited that finally after 18 months of trying it looked like it was going to happen. I was also very very scared, would i be able to cope, would the pregnancy go ok etc I phoned the doc immediately to book an appointment, but in my excitement rang the wrong number and told a very confused lady that I was pregnant LOL

We went to pizza express to celebrate 5 years of marriage and finally getting pregnant (we were both beginning to think it may never happen). I remember that meal being a very long one as we talked about the future.

It's been a busy year. My study is now a nursery, I became massive, I had about every pregnancy symptom going (sickness, headaches, low iron count, sore hips), I had a ridiculously long labour, which after 5 days of contractions resulted in a Csection anyway!

And here we are a whole year later. We celebrated our anniversary by taking our little bundle to a family friendly pub/restaurant. Me, husband and our little baby girl (who was stretching out her podgy arms, grinning like a loon at anyone who walked past.) This is what it is all about.

Mama x

Friday, 13 August 2010

But I don't want to dress like a girl mummy!

Ok so I'm not the girliest of girls. I don't really do pink, I like decent indie music, i hate grease/Annie/most other musical films and I did a degree in computing (about as blokey as you can get).

But since having Immie I have been embracing my feminine side. Pink is now regularly seen around my house and I cry at soaps lol but I wonder if I'm projecting my own lack of interest in all things pink and fluffy on to Immie?

Today I dressed her in a little red and white spotty top, denim pinafore (with hearts embroidered on it) set off with White and red stripey tights. Yet immie has lasted less than 2 hrs before she's been sick all over it (she now smells like 10 day old milk bleurgh) forcing me to put her in a sleepsuit, making her look like a boy!

Dress = screaming tantrum, big tears and snot. Sleepsuit = sleeping soundly in her bouncer! It's a no brainer, off to Tesco we go for more sleepsuits!

Mama x

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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sleeping like a baby

If someone said to you they slept like a baby, what would you picture in you mind? A liitle cherub wrapped up in a soft duvet (white of course) or perhaps lots of squashy, fluffy pillows or the gentle, soft breathing of a little cherub? I'm pretty sure you did not imagine a fidgety, snoring, farting machine capable of waking even the soundest of sleepers, with a limited sleep pattern. But this is what your precious little one will be like AND the midwives expect you to share a room with you little bog goblin for 6 whole months!!!

Now I love my daughter but I'm looking forward to her going in to her own room so I can have the light on when I get my pj"s on, watch iplayer, with the sound on but most of all i'm looking forward to getting some decent kip!

Night night, don't let the bed bugs bite!

Mama X

Why do babies behave for doctors?

Ok so here is my first blog post. This blog is just some of my own personal ramblings about motherhood.

Today Immie and I have been to the hospital, to the paediatric outpatients clinic. This is after my doctor decided to refer Immie when we went to see her about reflux. I knew we didn't really need to go but I didn't dare cancel the appointment incase social services thought I was up to no good and anyway it was a morning out!

Immie decided she wasn't going to have a nap while I got ready so I put her in her travel cot whilst I did my hair. If you had heard the screams you would have thought she had been abandoned. 2 mins before we have to leave, she cried herself to sleep! Typical. So I bundled her in to her car seat and off we went.

Paediatrics seemed quiet this morning, still had to wait 50 mins to be seen! Not ideal when you are trying to distract a fidgety nearly 4 month old! We spent a vast amount of time looking at the very hungry caterpillar display. I tried to explain to Immie that caterpillars do no eat lollipops (only to be corrected by a doctor who said no but they would like to! - so much for healthy eating NHS!)

By the time we got seen Immie was getting seriously fed up, wriggling, starting to grizzle. We go in to see the registrar, a nice bloke who Immie instantly took a shine too. No more grizzling now, oh no the registrar was treated to some big smileys! Immie tried to help him when he was listening to her chest, by grabbing his stethoscope, maybe she has ambitions to be a doctor!? But it ammused me that having had a screaming hissyfit earlier, she was now flirting with this doctor!

So what is it that makes Immie behave for doctors? She's been the same since she was born.

Mama x