Friday, 18 February 2011

Nursery - Take 3

So, how did she get on yesterday? Fab apparently.

She had a little grizzle when they first put her down for a nap (nothing new there LOL) then she spent the rest of the time playing. When I went in to the little acorns room to fetch her, she was so busy playing she didn't even notice me!!! The nursery assistant had to point to me, but when she saw me she smiled and waved!

She came home, ate her lunch and slept for 90 mins! So nursery must be tiring her out haha.

So today we had the 3rd session. The biggy. Up until now she has only done 2 hrs at a time and I've always sat in reception (just incase!) To be honest, I've found it hard. 1)If I can hear her cry, its really hard not to react. 2) Its bloody boring just sitting and waiting!

So today's session consisted of 3 hours, Immie having her lunch there AND me being allowed to leave the building.

What would I do with 3 hours? Sleeping? Shopping? Cleaning? Washing? Ironing? No, I went to work! As much as I want to stay home with Immie, I needed something to occupy my mind and I thought going home I would just be thinking too much about missing her and shopping was out because I'm skint.

The nursery promised to phone if there were any problems and they said I could always phone if I wanted to. I refrained from calling. Not because I wasn't wondering how she was or if she was ok but more because I don't want to get in to the habit of doing it. When I left her she was happy enough. I took her coat off, popped her on the floor and she crawled off with out even a 2nd glance. I have every confidence in the nursery, so it seemed daft to phone and check.

So far I've not found it too hard to take her to nursery. I've not got upset or cried. Maybe because Im quite a pragmatic person anyway and also I figure if I get upset, she will. Also, getting upset won't change the fact I'm going back to work and she's going to nursery so might as well get used to it. Doesn't mean I don't think about her or I don't care. Also I think nursery is going to be really good for her. Learning new things, socialising with other adults and children.

So we got through the morning with no phone calls, I went to pick her up and she seemed really excited to see me. Lots of waving, smiling and "talking". But then she burst in to tears. I don't think there was anything wrong, I think she was just a bit overwhelmed!

They let me read her little red log book. She slept, didn't have a drink as she only woke just before dinner. She did some playing outside. They took a picture for her file, she was grinning like a loon, little poser! She ate all her lunch (Chicken pie and veg, followed by yoghurt!) and she only got upset when it got a bit noisy after lunch, they think it just got a bit much for her, after all she is only used to being with me most days. So all in all another good session.

Just as I was leaving, one of the little girls bumped her head. (Nothing serious, just a bump like kids all get from time to time) Quick as a flash a member of staff got a cold compress and they were sorting it out. This (although not so nice for the little girl in question) was good for me to see as I know they will deal with any little accidents very quickly and lets face it ALL children have minor bumps and scrapes.

I'm so pleased we chose this nursery. I have every confidence in them.

So Immie is now asleep, she conked out virtually straight away. I wonder what I should do with my time? Cleaning? Washing? Ironing? Naaaaahhhhhh last nights Corrie on Sky+ I reckon!

Mama x

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