Monday, 25 July 2011

Effing chicken pox!

So the first weekend of the school holidays and Immie has come down with chicken pox.

To be fair she has been off colour for about 2 weeks, last weekend the doc at out of hours said she had a sore throat and that was what was causing her to cough. However, the doc today (after rolling her eyes that I was back yet again with Immie!) gave me a sheet, on that sheet it told us the symptoms of chicken pox, lo and behold this included a sore throat, dry cough and general misery. It also said you can have these symptoms (plus headaches and limb ache etc) for up to 20 days before hand. This would definitely fit with the timescales that Immie has been feeling under the weather.

So for the first proper day of my summer hols, instead of getting on top of my washing and ironing (yeah right, or at least watching Jezza Kyle in peace) I have been confined to the house watching Thomas the Tank Engine, Mister Maker, Show me Show me and Waybuloo! I was alowed a small break when Immie let me watch Loose Women and Neighbours!

As with all things itchy, because I know Immie is itchy I am convinced I am itchy and have been scratching like mad all day!

Lets just hope the Chicken Pox goes soon!!

Mama x

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Immie, she's a bit like a famous A List celeb

It doesn't matter what she is doing at nursery or what she wears I can pretty much guarantee Immie never comes home in the same outfit she went out in, in the morning! My washing pile is ginormous!!

Immie is a bit like one of those celebs on the Brit Awards or the Oscars or something. You know the ones who have several wardrobe changes in 3 hours. The only difference is an A list celeb probably isn't dressed head to toe in Asda George!!!

Mama x

Friday, 8 July 2011

Mummy is off to London town!

Today I am going on my lovely friend Hannah's Hen Do. We are going to the big smoke. There will be lovely food, seeing a show, shopping and lots of laughs. We are staying in a 5* hotel, I have never stayed in a 5* hotel before. I am beyond excited.

Today is also the first day I am going to be away from Immie overnight. She is staying at home with her Daddy and Nana and Grandad have come to stay.

It will be strange not seeing her for over 24 hours. I'm ok with it at the moment, there have been occasions when I haven't seen her before bedtime when I've been stuck in meetings and times when I haven't seen her in the morning because she's had a lay in and I've been off to work. So I don't think I'll be a blubbering mess but who knows. I've no doubt that Daddy can cope either. So I know she will be safe and happy, she probably won't even notice I'm not there!!! I just hope he feeds her more than fish fingers and potato waffles!

So now I'm off to have some fun with friends and a chance to be Helen, not Mama!

Mama x

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Yesterday Immie got told off at nursery!

Up until yesterday Immie has been brilliant at nursery. Mostly happy (except when ill), joins in activities, learns lots of new stuff, gives lots of kisses and cuddles etc.

Yesterday, however, they saw her naughty side. When I went to pick Imogen up, her key worker said that she'd had to tell her off. Apparently she had thrown her tea all over the floor. By the sound of it, it wasn't a tantrum or an accident, she just decided it was a good game!

Her key worker said to her (in a stern voice) "Imogen, we do not throw our food on the floor". Imogen was apparently quite shocked by this and looked at her key worker  and just said (in an overly dramatic voice) "Uh oh!"

I just hope she has learnt a valuable lesson and does not throw her food on the floor, I can just imagine the conversations in the staffroom "ooh and her mum;s a teacher too!"

Mama x