Sunday, 27 February 2011

Mummies don't have time to be ill!

So I've been awake since 1.30am. My cocodamol & 8hr cold and flu tablets wore off after 3hrs. I feel cheated. 

Immie has been struggling with  a monster cold for weeks now (she caught it from nursery I think) so much so she has missed 2 swimming lessons (plus half term, means no swimming for nearly a month). Every time I think she's getting a bit better she seems to take a backwards step. 

I too had a cold a few weeks back but I seemed to shake it after a couple of days, I knew that was too quick and it would come back to bite me. And so here we are a few weeks on and it has reared it's ugly congested head. Sore throats are quite possibly the worst thing ever :(

But I can't be ill, because at 7.10am precisely the other half will swan out the door to work. I'll be left to bathe Immie, get her dressed, give her breakfast and entertain her till lunchtime. When fortunately OH should be home but only so I can go to work to eyeball the candidates for the headship of the new school. To be honest all I'll want tomorrow is to curl up in bed & sleep but it most definitely won't happen. 

Tuesday will be ok as Immie is at nursery. So once she's there I can come back to bed, except Tuesday was going to be my day to make podcasts for work & go to the gym. Oh well, can't podcast when you sound like a bloke. 

And what about Wednesday. I was going to take Immie to her swimming lesson. I've got to be better by then, she can't miss another one :(

So all in all I have no time to be ill. Too much to do. I hope I shift this soon :(

Mama x

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