Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dog poo and pram wheels

So in a bid to try and shift Immie's lurge I thought I'd take her for a walk in the fresh air.

Now don't get me wrong, I love our pram. It's light, easy to push, easy to fold, Immie seems comfortable in it etc But it has a slight downfall. On the front it has swively wheels to help you manuveoure it round Tesco and avoid ramming people's ankles (Although sometimes that is a disadvantage as a good ram wouldn't go amiss!) But it also has proper tyres on the back to make it a comfy ride (you can also buy off road tyres for the front too, ideal for walks in the forest etc.

But the tyres have a massive disadvantage. They have grooves in them, not dis-similar to car tyres, I assume this is to channel the water away when I am out running at high speed in the rain with the push chair, I'm sure it stops me aquaplaning when Im jogging!!! :S

Anyway the huge grooves are not ideal when you encounter a dog poo. Because the poo gets stuck in the grooves, not dis-similar to when you wear a pair of doc marten boots and end up stepping in something gross. You then have to make the decision, run the pram through a grass verge in the hope the poo will come off the wheels, try and find a puddle to wash said wheel in, go in to Sainsburys and run the pram over the door mat or ignore it and hope the other half notices before you do.

Today I went for the Sainsbury's option.

I really wish people would clean up after their dogs though!

Mama x

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