Monday, 21 February 2011

What on earth is she learning at nursery!?

So today we have had another nursery session. Just a short one today (9 - 11.30). She cried a bit when I dropped her off, mainly I think because when I popped her on the floor about 8 little ankle biters walked/toddled over to say hello, I think she found it a little intimidating as the little boys and girls all stared at her! (Can't say I blame her!)

But in harsh mummy mode, I smiled, waved and walked out of that door. I wasn't worried. Maybe I'm a mean mummy!? But mainly because I remembered something I read on the wall at nursery last week that another mum had written. It said that "you shouldn't get upset if they cry cos they soon get over it and if you think about it they're never crying when you pick them up " good point!

Anyway, the point of today's post. Since Immie has been going to nursery, she has decided that biting various parts of people is a great game, especially if they yelp! She also likes "patting" people except that the patting is becoming increasingly forceful! Again, the more you yelp the more she thinks it is hilarious.

Now I'm sure the biting is because she has a tooth coming through, but because when she does it the poor person being bitten yelps, she thinks it is very funny. The patting, is probably my fault. I have been trying to teach her to pat Beans the cat. She is very good at patting a variety of stuffed toys, but when it comes to Beans, she doesn't know her own strength, the poor cat gets a good whack! But when she "pats" us, it usually makes a slapping sound and is followed by a yelp, again hilariously funny according to Imogen. Although I must admit to sniggering when she whacks Daddy! She also pulls his ears/nose quite a bit, but I tell him thats because they are massive and an easy target!

I'm sure she isn't really learning these things at nursery, but I am slightly concerned. What if she becomes a biter? What if she is THAT child that all the other parents moan about. I don't want her being excluded and sent to another nursery on a managed move before the age of one! Mortifying!

So for now, Daddy and I will have to refrain from yelping. Not quite sure how to explain to the cat that he can't yelp either!

Mama x

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