Sunday, 20 February 2011

Fish Fingers FTW

Personally I can't stand fish fingers. I never liked them when they were cod, I certainly don't like them now they are pollock, Captain Birdseye was always a bit sus if you ask me and the new younger model is even more dubious!

But all this aside I'm told that Immie should be eating fish, good for the old brain box apparently.

We tried an Ella's Kitchen Fishy pie pouch a few months back, but it stank my kitchen out, it made me gip and Immie refused to eat it (most unusual, there isn't much food she refuses!). Now I can't stand fish! So I refuse to cook it fresh, so we thought a fish finger might be a good compromise.

So tonight we cooked Immie her first fish finger. I must admit, mashing it up it made me feel slightly nauseous and the fish to breadcrumb ratio was a little unbalanced, they should really be called crispy coating fingers with a hint of fish!

Immie had the fish finger with some mashed veg (Swede, butternut squash, broccoli and some other indeterminate frozen veg cube that I pureed a month ago but forgot to write on the freezer bag so I have no idea what it was, it was a green one though!)

She took the fish finger well, she pulled it out of her mouth a few times but shoved it back in, so that is always a good sign! I'm quite relieved as we now have another 7 fish fingers in our freezer to eat and Im sure as heck not going to touch em! BLEURGH!

So maybe next week we'll try a chicken nugget, I'll make them fresh though, with a polenta and garlic coating I think! Posh innit!

Mama x

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