Sunday, 20 November 2011

Yoghurt? - No! Fruit pouch? - No! Choc-choc? YES!

Not that ill then!

Imogen has a nasty cough and cold. To be fair, we've had a fairly decent run recently of no bugs, so it was only a matter of time. The problem is nursery aren't keen to take them if they are off their food and a cold is guaranteed to put Immie off her food.

We have tried everything, porridge, toast, pasta, tatoes (Immies fave!) Fish fingers, chippies, fruit, yoghurt, fruit toast etc All of which she has turned down or tried a few mouthfuls then said "done" but I guarantee the easiest way to tell if she is really poorly is to offer choc-choc.  If met with an enthusiastic "YES!" then you know she isn't too bad!

The choc-o-meter. It is for parents, what the lie detector test is for Jeremy Kyle.

Mama x

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A little creature has pulled a clump of Immie's hair out

When I went to pick Immie up from nursery today, her lovely keyworker was filling in the accident book. I assumed Immie had had a bump whilst excitedly toddling about. But no. Today's "accident" was that whilst playing another child pulled a clump of Immie's hair out!!!!

Her lovely keyworker, felt it wasn't a malicious act but that Immie's little blonde curls were just too inviting to the other child! Apparently Immie screamed for a second (as you would!) then turned round and said "No childB!" (Not sure which child did it, assume they won't tell me in case I launched a revenge attack on the parents! LOL)

Her lovely keyworker assured me there was only a tiny bit, but when I got her home, her scalp was a tad red and I'm sure that is a bald patch! Poor little tortoise. This is when the working mummy guilts kick in. At least by the time she starts school she'll be able to kick some ass!

Mama x