Friday, 25 February 2011

Skint Skint Skint

Maternity pay in this country is rubbish.

This month is the first proper month (thanks to KIT days etc) where I have received 0 pay! It is not something I like at all!

Just before I went on maternity leave I cashed in some savings, cleared my debts (overdraft, credit card, Dorothy Perkins store card etc) I also put the remainder of what I cashed in, in to my flex account. I knew this day of 0 pay would come, so I managed not to blow the cash on Fancie cupcakes and I am now paying myself a "wage" out of my savings. It is no way near what I would normally earn, but it is just enough to cover my half of the mortgage and bills etc I am really lucky to be able to do this (thanks Nannie Marker for the money you left me, it's come in useful!)

I do wonder though, if we would have the same anti-social behaviour issues in this country if women did have such financial pressure to go back to work and could raise their children. In Germany for example they get a massive amount of maternity leave by comparison and I can't remember ever hearing about anti-social behaviour problems there (but maybe I've never been too interested!) I wonder if women could stay off work until their child was school age, without any financial constraints whether we'd be in a better position socially???

Still, least I am lucky to be going back to a job, my money should right itself soon, oh actually scrub that because then there are the nursery fees!

Mama x

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