Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hello, yep, bye!

This happened a few weeks ago but I've only just got round to posting about it.

Immie was up drinking her milk at 7am, waiting to go to nursery. She was playing with our house phone. We have those silly roaming phones, you know the ones that you always lose down the back of the sofa? Anyway, she was playing with the buttons and making them beep, then holding the phone to her ear and saying "Hello, bye" then putting the phone down.

I didn't think too much of it, I just kept checking she hadn't dialled 999. After about 5 mins, she picks the phone up, presses some random buttons and says "Hello, yep, bye". 2 minutes later I get a call from my Grandparents. Wondering why my Grandma and Grandad's number could be flashing up on my phone at 7.10am! (My parents were away, so I started to panic that something had happened!) When I picked up the phone I heard my Grandma on the other end. She asked if she had just had a call from Immie? She then preceded to have a fit of the giggles as I apologised profusely for my daughter making an early morning (She swears blind they were already up and Immie didn't wake them!)

When I relayed the story to Immie's lovely keyworker at nursery, I was asked to write the story up as evidence of Immie using her ICT skills. haha Like mother, like daughter :)

Mama x

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Well it looks like we now have a toddler

So after the few steps back on the 6th of August, we have finally got a toddler, not totally consistent but wanting to walk.

As it was GCSE results day on Thursday Immie had gone to nursery so that I could go to school to see my lovely ex-pupils collecting their GCSE results. The OH picked her up as I was busy ironing and packing to go on a trip to Grandma and Grandad's.

As the OH walked past the outside play area the nursery practitioners ( apparently that's what nursery nurses are called now!)  all exclaimed excitedly "Ooh Imogen's daddy is here, Imogen's daddy is here!" When he got in to the building (after going through several security doors) 4 members of staff gathered round excitedly. Imogen's keyworker whipped out a camera and showed him a video of Imogen managing 8 whole steps (a record!) Christopher said "ooh that's good!" the keyworker then said "Oh no, that's not even her best attempt!" She then showed him another video of Imogen walking, bold as brass across the school hall! (20 steps apparently) She then excitedly told him how Immie had started to walk. Apparently Immie's lovely keyworker was quite emo about it all :)

Yesterday at Grandma and Grandad's and Nana and Grandad's she spent all day attempting to walk. No where near twenty steps but a good 5 or so each time, sometimes falling on her bum.

So there you have it, she has started walking, not for us, but for the lovely nursery staff. Am I sad? No way!! For 3 reasons 1)It means I might not have to carry her so much, so maybe my back ache will go! 2) It will stop people asking if she is walking yet and 3) she has so many firsts every day I, as a working mummy, can't expect to be there for them all and that is the compromise I have to make BUT I love it when the nursery staff are equally as excited and proud as I am, and I look forward to Immie showing me all the new things she has learnt and can do. So you see there really is no need to be sad :)

(Oh and incase you are wondering, the deedee is now well and truly dropped, she even slept all night at grandma and grandad's without it! Infact she is only just stirring now (8.30am!!!))

Mama x

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ditching bottles and deedees!

Before Immie was born I had this grand plan. She would be breast fed and would not have a dummy. I don't know where this idea had come from but I was adamant she would be breast fed, afterall it is cheap, easy, better for baby and a total breeze. Of course she wouldn't need a dummy as she would be contented and I didn;t want her to rely on it, bad for teeth etc.

Of course, reality bit. After 3 months we switched to bottle feeding (a total doddle after breast feeding!) and after a month we gave in a used a dummy, only at night of course and we took it away once she dropped off (this quickly changed to letting her have it in her cot all night, in the car and if screaming in Meadowhall!)

So 2 weeks ago we asked the health visitor when Immie should stop having bottles. (To be fair she only had them first thing in the morning, last thing at night and in the middle of the night if needed). The HV looked in horror and said she should have dropped them totally at 1, oops Immie is over 15 months (why had nobody told me about this magic number 1!?). We also asked about ditching the dummy as Immie was starting to show signs of being dependent on it (asking for her deedee when tired, going to bed etc) Again the HV looked in horror and said we were already past the point of no return so we'd have to just bite the bullet and be harsh.

So that night we started to ditch the bottle. We gave her milk in a sippy cup. This resulted in a huge paddy and demands for "bot bot" being uttered between sobs. eventually she gave it a try, only 1 oz was drunk but it was a start. The next day was much the same. Saturday morning saw a full on 30 minute paddy with screaming and slamming legs and arms down. Eventually she fell asleep for 5 mins, woke up tried the cup and she hasn't looked back since.

After several days of visitors to the house we decided to try operation ditch the deedee (her word for dummy). I was dreading this one more, I felt like she loved her deedee. Weirdly though, after 2 days this seems to have been easier than ditching the bottle. Yesterday she had a nap no problem, only asked for it once in the car, then went to bed and after 10 mins of whinging she dropped off to sleep. She cried out a few times for it in the night but quickly settled herself again and slept through till 7.30 am this morning!!!

Today she has had another good day, she hasn;t really asked for her deedee (despite being a bit miserable with her teeth!) and only cried for 2 minutes at bed time. She is now (touch wood) asleep!

So far it seems to be going ok. Not too sure how she will cope at nursery tomorrow, am a bit worried she will try and steal deedees from other children. Hopefully though the nursery will be strict with her.

Mama x

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

So she waited till I wasn''t there.....

We always assumed Immie would start walking at nursery. She spends a large amount of her time there, they give her lots of encouragement and practice, it seemed inevitable. I am sure she has lots of firsts there. It doesn't bother me and I certainly don't let it upset me. She will do lots of firsts without me when she starts school, nursery is no different.

Saturday 6th August, I went to a wedding. The wedding of my lovely friends Hannah and Tom. The wedding was in Rugby, 2 hours away from where we live so I drove me and a few friends from work. We statyed over in a hotel, lovely, a whole 24 hours to be a grown up. Imogen stayed at home with her daddy, a bit of father/daughter bonding.

Between courses at the reception I received a text from the other half "Just dones 2 steps. Holding on to walker then let go and went for it to grab the bath". My first reaction was that OH was winding me up but the response was "Nope, just done it again".

So the little madam had waited till I was away to have a go at independent walking, needless to say she hasn't done it since!! But far from being sad that I missed it, I am chuffed that she is finally beginning to have a bash at walking. Might mean all the old women in shops might stop looking at me like I'm a bad mother because Immie isn't walking ;)

Mama x