Thursday, 17 February 2011

Nursery - Take 2

Well it's 9.30am and I'm sat in reception at Immie's new Nursery. 

Immie is having her 2nd settling in session today in the little acorns room. The first 
session went really well. She did some playing & sleeping. 

But she caught the lurge. (probably from the little ginger girl with the ridiculously snotty nose!). So we've had a little break and we're trying the 2nd session today. 

Children's centres are the weirdest places. The one we go to is lovely. Fresh, clean, new. Friendly staff (one of which is an ex pupil). It's like going to primary school. Everything is hobbit sized, chairs, tables etc. The displays are like primary school, brightly coloured, interesting (I've been busy picking up ideas!) This place isn't cheap. It works out just short of £800 a month!!! Yet it is a sure start centre. So all the leaflets, reception displays etc are aimed at low income families, who get help to pay. It's weird for us, it's like we don't quite fit. I almost feel a bit uncomfortable, like we shouldn't be here. 

So I'm sat here and I can hear a baby screaming, proper full on hysterical screaming. I'm trying to convince myself it isn't immie. One of the nursery assistants has come out and said immie is happily crawling (well shuffling) about and playing with a little boy called Harley ( ha ha she loves little boys already!). There is no mention of screaming, so it can't be her. You'd think I'd recognise my own daughters cry?!

I guess I'll know when she comes out. You can always tell if immie has been crying. She goes all puffy & blotchy and she whimpers. She knows how to ham it up, see gets that from her dad of course, not me!. So we'll see at 11am. 

My only criticism of this place is I can't get a decent  3G signal. It's taking ages to check my emails! 

If today goes well I can leave her tomorrow! What will I do for 3 hrs?!

Mama x

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