Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Today I am going to be a lady that lunches

So this is it. Today little tortoise is doing her first long day at nursery. (It isn't quite a full day but near enough!)

I've packed her off with her new Rapunzel bag (She has no idea who Rapunzel is but I love it!)

In her bag is a change of clothes, dummy, hat and mittens. Oh and a cuddle cat comforter. She did take an Igglepiggle one the other day but turns out one of the other babies has that one and I predicted a disaster when they get mixed up/one gets lost, so cuddle cat it is!

She has got her new coat and hat on. She was none too pleased with her new hat this morning as it is a little mouse one and has ears and everything! But I loved it (as did the ladies at nursery!).

She started crying when I left, I think this is more because she had got up early, I wouldn't let her go back to bed and then when she fell asleep in the car I woke her up! So think she was a bit grumpy tbh.

Anyway in my usual efficient mummy mode, I smiled, waved and walked out the door. As I was leaving I hung her coat and bag on her little peg, it has her name and everything! Very cute, although I was disappointed it doesn't have a picture like in the Topsy and Tim book me and my sister used to read all those years ago.

So what to do today. Well I was going to clean the house a bit, but decided to do some podcasting for work instead. Unfortunately my Internet connection is about as slow as a 3 legged tortoise, so I am being distracted by Facebook and blogging. (Hi to all my new followers!)

Anyway, so at 12pm I am going to pick up my good friend Kenners. (Now known as Auntie Kenners!) We are going to head to town and grab some lunch. This is good because I always enjoy a catch up with Kenners. However, it will also be a little strange. Last time I had lunch with Kenners I was about 39 weeks pregnant, MASSIVE and unusually felt I couldn't fit much food in, due to Immie taking up valuable real estate in my tummy.

So I'm not sure how I will feel. I have got used to eating out being a MAJOR military operation. Nappies, wipes, snacks, bibs, mussys, toys, dummys, teething rings, bottles, milk, scissors to open said milk, change of clothes. Making sure Immie has had her lunch first so she isn't grumpy, ditto nap. This usually means we don't eat till gone 2pm!

So today all I have to worry about is car keys, handbag, oh and mobile incase its all kicking off at nursery! We can go to somewhere without worrying if they have a highchair or if the staff will be bothered if Immie is chucking cucumber and rice cakes on the floor.

Will I feel different? I'm sure I will be thinking about Immie, whilst enjoying being able to eat without having to share my side salad! Or will it feel like before I was a mummy?

One thing is for sure, my tummy is still about the same size as the last time I met Kenners for lunch!

Mama x

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