Saturday, 19 February 2011

Women have different nasal senses to men, FACT!

So yet again this morning I have been 'treated' to the "Has she done a poo? You change her, while I have a shower".

This is not an uncommon phrase in our house at weekends and is the source of much banter.

You see I change pretty much all the nappies all week long, especially the stinky ones! So as I see it, at weekends my nasal passages should get a break. But Christopher has what can only be described as an overly sensitive sense of smell. One whiff of a stinky nappy and he begins coughing and gipping. Often to the point where he has to leave the room!

Now don't get me wrong, I would rather not have to smell a stinky nappy (particularly when Immie has been eating lentils!) But needs must and I just get on with it. Sometimes they do make you take a step back, but I have never felt the need to start gipping.

This all prompts much teasing of Christopher and I inevitably end up changing the stinky nappy, whilst me and Immie giggle at daddy trying not to yack in the bathroom. So is it just Christopher with a heightened sense of smell? Well no, apparently my dad is the same. And I know my sister-in-laws husband would do anything to avoid a stinky nappy (including denial of even having smelt it so my poor sister-in-law is the 'first' to notice, something Christopher has tried too!).

So I have some to a scientific conclusion that men must have a better sense of smell than women, still doesn't explain why they miraculously never seem to notice when a nappy needs changing! Hmmmmm

Mama x

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