Tuesday, 1 March 2011



Everyone does them. Men, women, children, young, old, the super intelligent, the not so intelligent, cats, dogs etc even the queen does a poo!

Babies do particularly stinky poos. It all starts with that 1st black poo when they are born that looks like tar. Then as they get used to breast milk (if you are breast feeding) its like korma with little seeds in, I'm reliably informed this is fat or something, I thought Immie had been eating sesame seeds!

If your baby is unwell they can go all manner of colours, green, brown, very dark brown almost black etc. In Immie's case when I was drinking orange squash and still breast feeding hers went green! (Something to do with additives in orange squash, even sugar free stuff!)

Then when you move on to weaning, it is a whole different ball game. Meat produces particularly stinky poos, and lentils well I'll leave you to imagine.

So we all know pooing (or passing stools if you are a little bit shy about these things) is a normal fact of life, so why do I feel so mortified when I pick Immie up from nursery and they describe her poo to me?? Apparently today's was explosive (I blame the amoxicillin!) or as I like to call it, a poonami! I can only think its because as a mummy you don't mind changing your babies nappy, it doesn't bother you but the thought of changing someone elses childs stinky nappy makes my stomach flip. I just feel really sorry for all the girls who work at the nursery who have to change lots of stinky nappies. Bleurgh. They deserve a medal!

Mama x

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