Thursday, 8 December 2011

Away in a manger...

Today I have been to Immie's first Christmas performance. The performance was in the primary school that her nursery is attached to.

I don't often get to go in to a primary school. The furniture is a million times smaller than secondary.

I decided to sit a few rows back because I feared if Immie saw me we'd get "Muuuuuummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy" in a really quiet bit or she wouldn't sit where she was supposed to. Also I thought the parents of the school kids might want a better view because their children had bigger parts (Immie just had to sit, look angelic and occasionally join in with some songs) So I strategically sat 3 rows back but on the end of the row in the middle of the hall, I thought I'd a get a perfect view and a perfect view was what I got......just not of Immie! From where I was sat I couldn't see any of the babies from the Little Acorns room. GUTTED!

The performance was lovely, not your traditional nativity (I'm pretty sure penguins were not present at the birth of baby jesus!) but there were lots of donkeys, sheep, shepherds, angels and stars all waving at their parents, being cute and saying their lines.

I am assured by the nursery staff Imogen did fab and was really well behaved. This could be a big fat lie because I didn't see her start to finish. But I am taking the fact that I couldn't hear her being naughty as a good sign.

I was really looking forward to the performance, but if Im honest I am very disappointed I didn't get to see her. But I guess we have a few more performances to come, probably where she will be 3rd shepherd with a tea-towel falling over her eyes.

Daddy is going to watch the performance tomorrow morning, so I have told him not to be polite and sit near the front. Hopefully he will get a better view.

Mama x