Sunday, 13 February 2011

Being at home with a baby makes your brain go spongey, FACT!

Ok so this time last year I was at work. Subject Leader for ICT and Head of House in a state secondary school in the middle of a northern town.

I was teaching teenagers, dragging Y11 kids through coursework, taking assemblies, attending meetings around esafety, eLearning etc, co-writing the schools esafety policy, spending limited budgets on various ICT kit for the school, line managing teaching and support staff etc.

Now however my days consist of getting up, getting caked in porridge, trying to have an olympic speed shower before Immie wakes from her morning nap. Watching a bit of Rastamouse/Zingzillas/Waybuloo/In the night garden. Taking a walk to the shop, via Mr Horsey's field so we can have a wave at him, chasing Immie round the house whilst she tries to destroy everything and anything.

My one and only work commitment is to try and develop the Local Authority Learning Platform within school. Yet now I am lucky if I can remember how to log on, let alone arrange training, meetings, develop help videos for staff etc.

This does not bode well for my return to work in April. If I'm honest, I'm bricking it. I'm slightly concerned I have lost my ability to plan engaging lessons and to teach them (actually not sure I ever had that one! LOL) How on earth am I going to manage to line manage staff when to be honest at the moment Im shattered and I don't even do much during the day!?

I'm worried I will have lost my ability to manage a class full of teenagers. :-/

I'm sure it will all be fine once I actually get back in to it. But I do worry that before I left to have Immie I was a very different type of person, with a totally different work ethic, If I'm honest my school got the best of me and home life often got put to one side for a variety of other school related tasks. It wasn't healthy.

But now my priorities have changed for sure. Imogen is the number one priority, followed by Beans and number 2, with Christopher probably at number 3 ;) haha But I'm not sure how this will translate to my professional life. I'm not sure what my colleagues will expect, if they are expecting the old me, they will be in for a nasty shock!

Don't get me wrong, I will be professional and complete the work I need to but the days of me working for hours on end at evenings and weekends are long gone. After all, this time will be reserved for catching up on the latest episode of Show me, Show me!

Mama x

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