Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Up and down like a yoyo last night with Immie, not sure if it was teeth, still bunged up with cold, her ears or a combo of all three.

Been to the docs this morning to see why she is still shaking her head, apparently ear infection gone (yay) but just gotta sit it out till the cold goes (boo).

We dropped Mr Monkey in the mud outside the docs, he now needs to take a tumble in the washing machine :(

Not had breakfast or a shower yet as Immie wont nap, she is currently screaming in her cot, Im hoping she might cry herself to sleep soon.

Horrid realisation last night that some ex-pupils talk to me more than some so called mates.

Look like shit, feel like shit.

Today is not a good day. :(

Mama x

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