Sunday, 20 March 2011

Why can you never push a pram round a shop that is aimed at kids?

Today Immie and I have been to Wakefield, I needed to get some door spongy things to stop her trapping her fingers in the doors, as apparently doors are fascinating, especially if you open and close them multiple times!

Anyway I put Immie in her pushchair as I knew I'd want to look at things and we then went in to Mothercare. Now Mothercare (Im surprised the EU allow that name given that it discriminates against fathers etc!) so the whole focus of Mothercare is children, babies and their parents. Primarily children under the age of 10, but particularly babies and toddlers, so why on earth to they put their display units so close together and put things in aisles making it a nightmare to push a pushchair or pram around? My pushchair is fairly small (I've seen some massive ones!) and it is very easy to move so I shouldn't really have any problems, its like they haven't thought of their customer base at all!

Mothercare aren't the only ones either. The branch of Next I like to visit has its baby and children's department at the back of the shop, but to get there you have to walk through Womenswear where the display units and racks are packed so close together and at a jaunty (presumably arty) angle that it is a nightmare! If you manage to make it to the back of the shop, then you are faced with all the kids racks packed so close together you have no hope!

It drives me crackers, I wish they would just consider their customer base a little more.

Mama x

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