Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My daughter, the Olympic swimmer!

Since she was 3 months old, Immie has attended swimming lessons.

It's the one thing we've stuck to doing together (Baby music class got canned due to lack of interest, shame as I liked it and baby massage and baby & mummy yoga were 6 week classes, didn't enjoy baby & mummy yoga at all, I felt incompetent because my baby was the only one who screamed and wouldn't keep still!)

Anyway, Immie goes to Puddleducks for her swimming lessons. It was recommended to me by a friend and I have to say it has been brilliant! She loves going. She is happy as larry in the water. She has no problem being dunked under, she kicks her legs, splashes about. We are currently encouraging them to jump in, "swim" (I hold her, she kicks!) turn in the water and hold on to the side, so if ever they fall in they know what to do. Immie is now very confident in the water and never screams in the bath, even if you dump a bowl of water on her head and it gets in her eyes.

Some would say that babies don't need swimming lessons, that you can teach them yourself etc Personally as I can afford it, I'd rather she learnt from a proper teacher who can teach her correctly (I could probably teach her to swim but Im not sure she'd master the strokes correctly) and sees it as a fun but serious thing, swimming is a valuable skill. I also find because its a lesson, the pressure is off me and its something we enjoy together. Not an opinion shared by others I know, but my opinion.

So I renewed her lessons for the summer term, she's going to have to switch to a Sunday as I'll be back at work, I'm so relieved they offer Sunday lessons. Puddleducks aren't the cheapest but in my experience they are the best. The staff (teacher and poolside assistants) are fab and I think it is worth every penny. If you're in the market to sign your baby up to swimming lessons, I'd really suggest having a look and seeing if there is a Puddleducks franchise near you

Click here to visit the Puddle Ducks website

Before long, Immie will be giving Rebecca Adlington a run for her money!

Mama x

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