Thursday, 31 March 2011

Nappy rash: Satan's ailment!

Poor Immie has nappy rash, not just a little bit, but really red raw! The doctor assures me it is as a result of the antibiotics she is on for her ear. I can't wait till she has finished them, so her bottom returns to normal.

At antenatal class and just after you have had your baby, midwives will tell you "Don't use a barrier cream, they don't need them" blah blah blah.

I have always used a barrier cream on Immie ever since she had a sore bottom when I was still breastfeeding and I had been drinking orange juice, not realising it would effect her! So anyway ever since then I have used a barrier cream, Bepanthen to be precise (tried sudocrem but it didn't suit Immie's skin) Up until now we have never had a problem, not even a hint of nappy rash. But oh lordy now she's got it, she has well and truly got it. Poor little mite, looks really sore :(

One thing they don't tell you is in extreme cases the rash will spread down the legs and on to the tummy! So having spent 48 hrs convincing myself she had chicken pox, I now realise it is just this evil bout of nappy rash.

The doctor prescribed metanium, but all that did was stain her clothes. So the doc has now prescribed some cream with antiseptic in. Hopefully that will clear it.

If it doesn;t work I may have to resort to what my Grandma reckons they used when she was a baby, LARD!

Mama x

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