Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sometimes you just know

Immie has been having baby swimming lessons since she was 3 months. On the whole she loves them and they go without a hitch.

Due to the dreaded lurge for the past 6 weeks (her and me!), we've been a bit hit and miss in going. I really wanted her to go this afternoon as after today there are only 2 more sessions left before the Easter hols. (After Easter we will be going on a Sunday morning, lovely but there is something special about going on a week day when I'd normally be at work!)

Anyway at about 12.50 Immie was getting grizzly and decided she wanted a nap. This was not ideal as we have to leave at 1.30pm to get to the pool in time. So I just knew, that today's lesson was already on the back foot. While she slept I frantically packed the swimming bag after spending 20 mins trying to find the bloody swim nappies! At 1.35 I finally bit the bullet and went and woke her. She was absolutely zonked and therefore was none too impressed with me for waking her up. I hoped she would drop back off in the car but that was wishful thinking.

When we got to the pool, she got changed ok but the minute I passed her to the instructor she started to cry, "here we go" I thought! Fortunately she was fine throughout the lesson. She grizzled when I got her out the pool. Then I put her in the play pen while I got changed. I'd just got my cossie off when I hear this almighty wail! Quickly followed by the poolside assistant trying to calm her down. I knew it was Immie. The hollering continued. I then heard the instructor yell from the pool "My goodness is that Imogen making all the noise!?" How embarrassing, she was disturbing everyone! When I went to pick her up there were big fat tears rolling down her cheeks and little sobs. By the time we got to the car she was over it.

As I drove home I thought, I knew she was up to going this week, when she was so desperate for that nap I should have just left her and cancelled the lesson. But then if I cancelled everything every time she wanted a nap we'd never leave the house! It just goes to show though, mummies always know their child inside out.

Mama x

PS She screamed in her bath tonight too (this is unheard of, she loves her baths!) so I suspect a big bad tooth is on the way!

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