Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mummy top tip #2

Buy a decent thermometer!

Before Immie was born we were confused about different types of thermometers. Digital in ear, digital under arm, forehead thermometers, dummies with thermometers built in etc

We settled on the digital one that goes in your arm pit. It came as part of a baby grooming set which included a hair brush, tooth brush, nail scissors, snot sucker (aka a nasal aspirator!) and a few other items. For some reason we were being skinflints and decided any other type of thermometer was a luxury and not needed.

I can safely say at 11 months, we have decided we were clearly being ridiculous. Trying to get an unwell baby to let you put something cold in their arm pit is ridiculously difficult and Immie has never let us, choosing instead to pull it out and fling it across the room!

I then tried a dummy with a thermometer built in, quite expensive but I figured Immie loves a dummy so it'd be ok. WRONG! The digital bit is so heavy she just pulls the dummy straight out.

So today after having been to the docs AGAIN (I even said to the doc we need our own parking space now!) and being told her temperature was up (even though she felt ok to me!) we decided to bite the bullett and get an in ear digital thermometer. We opted for a Braun one, expensive but got good reviews and is very easy to use!

Ive taken all our temperatures (Makes me feel like a doctor or something LOL). Mine and OH both had temps of 36.6 but poor Immie's was 38.4, so yes she has a fever. So Ive dosed her up with calpol and put her in her cot, I'm hoping she'll sleep it out. She didn't even bat an eyelid with I stuck the thermometer in her ear.

So my top tip is if you are looking for a thermometer, if you can afford one, get an in ear one, they seem a lot less fuss!

Mama x

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