Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Proud mummy alert

So far we've been pretty lucky, there haven't been too many tears from Immie when I have dropped her off at nursery. She's always been pretty calm.

But today was different. Still no tears but something had changed... her confidence.

When we got there I had to sign a form as I had to leave some amoxicillin there for her ear infection. Last time it took a while and because I put her down she started to grizzle. So today I thought I'll hold her until I'm ready to leave. Except Immie had other ideas. After a minute she started wriggling to get down, so I popped her on the floor, fully expecting a whinge but she didn't. She crawled off to a basket of toys, searched for a specific toy she wanted to play with, pulled it out and amused herself. When I went to leave she didn't even give me a 2nd look! haha

But I wasn't sad, oh no I was proud. Proud that my baby girl was confident enough to be able to make a decision for herself. Albeit a small decision to me or you but in her world a big decision, what she wanted to play with.

This is why I am happy for her to go to nursery because I know it will make her confident, it will help her to progress and yes I would love to be a SAHM but I actually believe nursery is good for her!

So today I am a proud mummy. I'm also a pleased mummy as I obviously made a good choice in the nursery as she clearly feels safe, happy and relaxed enough to be able to be confident. Today has been a good day.

Mama x

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