Saturday, 21 August 2010

Park in a parent & child space when you have no child? You clearly are stupider than you look!

Ask me or any of my mummy friends why we use parent & child car parking spaces and I'm pretty sure most of us would agree it is so we can open our car doors without denting the car next to us.

So how infuriating is it when a moron without a child nicks the last mother & baby space!! All because they can't be bothered to get off their arse & walk 10m!

Most mummies I know do no use the spaces because they are closer to the door. But more because some people are so inconsiderate/useless they make it impossible to open the door to get a person out, let alone a car seat!

So forcing us to park in normal sized spaces is asking for trouble.

Even more frustrating is that the spaces aren't policed and heaven forbid you actually try to reason with the filthy chavster who nicked the last parent & child space!


Mama x

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