Thursday, 12 August 2010

Why do babies behave for doctors?

Ok so here is my first blog post. This blog is just some of my own personal ramblings about motherhood.

Today Immie and I have been to the hospital, to the paediatric outpatients clinic. This is after my doctor decided to refer Immie when we went to see her about reflux. I knew we didn't really need to go but I didn't dare cancel the appointment incase social services thought I was up to no good and anyway it was a morning out!

Immie decided she wasn't going to have a nap while I got ready so I put her in her travel cot whilst I did my hair. If you had heard the screams you would have thought she had been abandoned. 2 mins before we have to leave, she cried herself to sleep! Typical. So I bundled her in to her car seat and off we went.

Paediatrics seemed quiet this morning, still had to wait 50 mins to be seen! Not ideal when you are trying to distract a fidgety nearly 4 month old! We spent a vast amount of time looking at the very hungry caterpillar display. I tried to explain to Immie that caterpillars do no eat lollipops (only to be corrected by a doctor who said no but they would like to! - so much for healthy eating NHS!)

By the time we got seen Immie was getting seriously fed up, wriggling, starting to grizzle. We go in to see the registrar, a nice bloke who Immie instantly took a shine too. No more grizzling now, oh no the registrar was treated to some big smileys! Immie tried to help him when he was listening to her chest, by grabbing his stethoscope, maybe she has ambitions to be a doctor!? But it ammused me that having had a screaming hissyfit earlier, she was now flirting with this doctor!

So what is it that makes Immie behave for doctors? She's been the same since she was born.

Mama x

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