Saturday, 14 August 2010

A year ago today...

So it was a year ago today I found out I was pregnant, I remember the date as it was our wedding anniversary. I went to Tesco to avoiding doing some lesson planning and they had some pregnancy tests on BOGOF, so I bought 4. On the way home I realised my period was 1 day late and my boobs were hideously painful, I could hardly put my seatbelt on! I took the test in my downstairs loo, then stood in the kitchen giggling at the result (not the most hygienic of places to wait for the test result!)  I was desperate for a baby and ridiculously excited that finally after 18 months of trying it looked like it was going to happen. I was also very very scared, would i be able to cope, would the pregnancy go ok etc I phoned the doc immediately to book an appointment, but in my excitement rang the wrong number and told a very confused lady that I was pregnant LOL

We went to pizza express to celebrate 5 years of marriage and finally getting pregnant (we were both beginning to think it may never happen). I remember that meal being a very long one as we talked about the future.

It's been a busy year. My study is now a nursery, I became massive, I had about every pregnancy symptom going (sickness, headaches, low iron count, sore hips), I had a ridiculously long labour, which after 5 days of contractions resulted in a Csection anyway!

And here we are a whole year later. We celebrated our anniversary by taking our little bundle to a family friendly pub/restaurant. Me, husband and our little baby girl (who was stretching out her podgy arms, grinning like a loon at anyone who walked past.) This is what it is all about.

Mama x

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