Monday, 16 August 2010

Oh I'll change your nappy because mummy can't be bothered

So that was what I heard my OH telling our baby this morning. Here I am crippled with back ache and painful knees and hips, moving around like someone in their late 80s not their late 20s and the person who should be supporting me thinks I'm just being lazy/making it up. (Surprising given that he had to have a back op 2 yrs ago, he knows only too well how debilitating back pain is.)

So it got me thinking, why are mums expected to be superhuman? We're expected to trudge on doing feeds, nappy changes etc even when we feel like total shite and OH feels fine (and is perfectly capable!). A lot is expected of mums, long gone are the days when you feel ill and can curl up asleep in bed. It's a good job your baby still gives you a podgy little smile or giggle or cuddle to cheer you up. So next time your mummy feels like crap, give her a smile/cuddle and offer to make her a brew, feeling supported might be just what she needs.

Mama x

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