Friday, 20 August 2010

Baby passport photos?! Yeah alright then

So we've booked our first family holiday to Cyprus at the end of October. Grandma and Grandad will be there for our first week (I see some babysitting going on!). We've bought a cheapy pushchair to take and vie stocked up on the important things (tshirts, shorts and cute sun dresses for Immie!)

But now it's time to apply for Immie's first passport. Trying to get a four month old to stay still, keep her mouth closed but her eyes open, not stick her hands in her mouth and look straight at the camera is nearly impossible. Who at the passport office actually thinks this is possible? And it costs a fortune! Should go back to babies being on the parents passport. Bloody EU!!

So it's about 2 months till we go, chances of me losing my baby weight by then? About the same as getting Immie to sit still for her passport photo!

Mama x

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