Friday, 13 August 2010

But I don't want to dress like a girl mummy!

Ok so I'm not the girliest of girls. I don't really do pink, I like decent indie music, i hate grease/Annie/most other musical films and I did a degree in computing (about as blokey as you can get).

But since having Immie I have been embracing my feminine side. Pink is now regularly seen around my house and I cry at soaps lol but I wonder if I'm projecting my own lack of interest in all things pink and fluffy on to Immie?

Today I dressed her in a little red and white spotty top, denim pinafore (with hearts embroidered on it) set off with White and red stripey tights. Yet immie has lasted less than 2 hrs before she's been sick all over it (she now smells like 10 day old milk bleurgh) forcing me to put her in a sleepsuit, making her look like a boy!

Dress = screaming tantrum, big tears and snot. Sleepsuit = sleeping soundly in her bouncer! It's a no brainer, off to Tesco we go for more sleepsuits!

Mama x

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