Tuesday, 5 April 2011


So Immie's latest party piece is to say "uh-oh". She appears to know to use "uh-oh" when she drops something. I have no idea where she has picked this up from, I tend to say "oops" if I drop things, so I suspect she has learnt it from nursery, I must ask them today!

The only problem is, she seems to think by saying "uh-oh" this gives her the right to throw things on the floor. The other day she threw a cheesy puff ring on the floor and said "uh-oh", when I said "No Immie!" she then carried on, throwing them on the floor and saying "uh-oh", whilst looking at me to see if I was watching! Ten cheesy puff rings later, mummy ended the game! Little madam clearly knows she shouldn't throw them but was waiting for me to react!

A few days later I was preparing lunch in the kitchen while she played with the OH in the lounge, I dropped a saucepan on the tiled floor, after the almighty crash I just heard a little "Uh-oh!"

But yesterday she took this new phrase to a whole new level. We are currently having new wardrobes, bedside units etc fitted. The bloke fitting them accidentally drilled through our ensuite wall and straight through 2 tiles! When I took Immie upstairs to survey the damage and the poor bloke explained what had happened, Immie sat in my arms and just said "Uh-oh!"

This little phase creases me up, I wonder what the next phase will be!?

Mama x

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