Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ssshhh, Shhhhh, Bo, Goh, ba ba

Translated: Fish, Shoe, Book, Gone, Baby

Today when I went to pick Immie up the nursery worker asked me "Does she say 'words' for certain things?"

Apparently today Immie has been saying "Uh oh" quite a bit and this surprised the staff, at first they though it was a fluke but then she did it several times (bang goes my theory about her getting that from nursery then LOL). Later on they took her and the other babies to look at the fish tank and Immie said "ssshhh", everytime we go near a pet shop OH takes her to look at the fish, so she must have started to pick the word up. She can also say 'Bo' for book and 'Goh' for gone (this is usually accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders!)

So the nursery staff told me her "speech" is pretty advanced for her age as she is linking sounds to objects/things/actions. Also apparently the shhhh sound doesn't come till later and normally for shoes a baby would say "oohs" first. So they were quite surprised.

I always thought Immie would be a talker, apparently OH was good at talking as a child and I dont think I was too shabby either.

No matter how much a parent says they're not bothered if their child is bright/clever/advanced/gifted, they just want a happy child etc, nothing makes you feel more smug than a "professional" saying your baby is advanced at something!

I wonder what her first fully formed word will be? Oxbridge maybe?? hehe

Mama x

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