Saturday, 9 April 2011


So this week I busted Immie out of nursery early on Thursday and took her to see the health visitor (felt so naughty for picking her up early, like she was skiving or something haha).

When we got to the Grimethorpe baby clinic the room was heaving! Mainly full of mums with babies younger than Immie, judging by the babies Id say most were only a month old. Me and Immie sat quietly and waited our turn. I didn't dare speak to any of the other mums as being a southerner in a room full of locals (who all seem to know each other) often gets you funny looks! When it was our turn we went in and sat down. It wasn't our usual health visitor but I have seen this one before. Immie wasn't due to go but after all the lurge she's had I wanted to get her checked. So we weighed her (around 19lb, bang on the 50th centile!). Then we got to why I was really there, milk!

Immie is fast approaching 1 and I know that from 1 you switch them to cows milk. So I asked the HV if you just woke up on her birthday and gave her cows milk or if you introduce it gradually. The HV said I was right and that gradually is probably the best approach. She asked me a few questions about how much and what type of milk Immie has, when I said we gave her pre-made formula she raised her eyebrows and said we might struggle to move to cows milk as its very different (BAD MUMMY ALERT!). We only used pre-made because powder only lasts a month and we were binning loads because Immie doesn't drink much milk.

So this week we have begun the transition. Immie is having cows milk in her porridge/cereal and then as her elevenses. So far she hasn't batted an eyelid to the different milk. She has never been much of a milk drinker, even as a tiny baby so god knows if she is getting enough! I might try and give her red meat twice a week to up her iron intake just to make sure.

The other thing we are beginning to try is giving her milk in a sippy cup rather than a bottle. She didn't seem to mind for her elevenses this morning and she is used to drinking water from a sippy cup. With a bit of luck soon we can ditch the bottles and free up some space on the top of the microwave!

Mama x

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