Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Capture a moment

My good friend Ally at Cancer and baby equals chaos has laid down a challenge, each week on a Tuesday I am going to post a photo from the previous 7 days where I have captured a moment. I will explain about the photo and why I have picked it. So who wants to join in?

So here is my first photo

This weekend we built Immie's trike and trailer. She recieved this as a gift for Christmas from her great grandma and grandad Scott. She is just about big enough to sit on it now, although she is a little too short to "ride" it, she loves sitting on it and being pushed up and down the hallway. The trailer is brilliant as she can put her sheep, Freebie (because he was free!), in the back and take him with her. We added the Imogen number plate, which was a present from a friend. It cracks me up seeing the little trailer disappearing off up the hall!

Mama x

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