Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Proud mummy alert 2!

So today we went swimming and it was a good lesson. Immie loved it. I feel like she is back to her normal happy self now the lurge is just about gone. I've already blogged before about our swimming lessons with Puddle Ducks. Today we did jumping, bouncing, "swimming" and submersions etc

Whilst we were getting changed, the poolside assistant gave me 2 little sheets to say that Immie had achieved her STA Starfish level 1 & 2 badges! I am very excited about this. Immie has only ever had one certificate before and that is her birth certificate, so not really a huge achievement. But she has gained her starfish awards for things she can do at swimming (like submersions etc). So I am pretty chuffed, I'll do anything for a certificate me!

So the badges will be sewn on to her swimming towel (if Grandma wouldn't mind!?) and the certificate will go in her keepsake box probably (I've managed to restrain myself from the idea of framing them for the wall!)

So tonight I am one proud mummy!

Mama x

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