Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mother's day

So today is my first mother's day. My day has consisted of some lovely pressies and a card but more importantly some big kisses and cuddles from my beautiful baby girl. Lots of my friends are also experiencing their first mothers day too. So I hope you all have a lovely day with your nearest and dearest.

I am one of the lucky ones though. I have my baby girl with me and whilst my own mum is 240 miles away she is still here. But I know for others today is extremely painful, whether they are trying for their own baby and finding that journey tough, or if their own baby isn't with them in their arms or if their own mother isn't with them. Today should be about celebrating ALL mummies, past, present (including those with beautiful angel babies!) and future.

So today I am sending lots of love to all those people who are finding today a difficult one.

Happy mothers day.

Mama x

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