Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I won't be one of those parents...

...who does their child's homework for them!

Last week we received a note from nursery. There were two things that stood out

1) On Thursday 21st April, they will be celebrating St George's day (early because of the bank hols) and will be having a traditional English meal -what on earth will that be I wonder? Pie and peas? Roast beef and yorkshire pud? Tikka Masala?? ;) And children are invited to wear red and white. Paaaaannniiiccccc Immie only seems to wear pink! Thank god for Amazon!

2) Children are invited to decorate a hard boiled egg at home and the best one wins a choccy egg! Sorry, did someone say choccy egg?? Im there!!!!

So last week I bought card, wobbly eyes, paint, fluffy pom poms and PVA glue. I swear I haven't used PVA glue since I was 12! Sunday we set about decorating our egg. Sorry I mean Immie set about decorating her egg!

Immie was given the task of finger painting the card and a cup from an egg box. A simple enough task for an 11 month old... wrong! 10 minutes later she had produced what I consider to be a work of art but she also had blue and green teeth from trying to eat the paint!!!! I hard boiled the egg. I wasn't sure how long to boil it for, so I boiled it to oblivion for about 45 mins!!! Must be rock hard Im sure.

OH was given the task of cutting out rabbit ears and feet

We then assembled it all together. The result I think is pretty good. But it got me wondering, would Immie be disqualified for having way too much help!?

I must remember not to be so enthusiastic when she is doing her maths homework when she is older!!

Mama x

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