Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The worst bit about being a working mummy....

is when your baby is ill.

Today at lunchtime I had a phone call from nursery. Immie's temperature was sky high, she'd slept all morning (unlike her), refused food (definitely unlike her) and generally wasn't right. They'd stripped her down to her nappy, given calpol and just wanted to let me know. 10 minutes later they called again as she was now beginning to shake and her temp just wasn't dropping.

At this point I had to ask to leave work, set cover work for my year 9 class, grab some marking and drive across town to pick her up. Whilst driving I called the doctors (hands free of course) to see if they thought they should see her, they decided they wanted to see her.

When I got to nursery she was sat there nudey, with just her nappy on, bright red and boiling hot. I took her to the doctors on the way home just to get her checked. He suspected earache and told me to keep giving her calpol and keep an eye on her.

And this is the most difficult part of being a working mummy. It is difficult for 3 reasons

1) having to ask for time off to look after your baby, catching up on the work you have missed etc
2) the logistics of who will stay home with your baby if they are sick over a number of days
3) the guilt of wanting to stay home and look after your baby Vs the guilt of having a day off work

It isn't easy.

Mama x

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