Monday, 30 May 2011

Praise, praise and more praise

As a teacher you are always told that children respond well to praise, this weekend we have seen how even at the age of 1 Immie loves praise.

Immie has one of those stacking rings toy. We bought it after nursery sent home a bunch of learning stories for us to comment on (basically they are observations that the staff have done on Immie when she does different things, they get written up and go in her file - I swear we get loads of homework from nursery!!). One of the stories talked about how Immie had been placing curtain rings on a kitchen roll holder. So the OH bought her a set of stacking rings. She loves them! She is very good at taking them off and putting them on again. When she manages to get the rings on, we clap and cheer. Her little face beams with pride and she continues to 'show off'. She will play with the stacking rings for a good 30 minutes if you keep the praise up. While she is playing she looks to you, just to check you are watching and paying attention. She is waiting for the praise.

I hope this love of praise continues when she is at school.

Mama x

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