Friday, 13 May 2011

Calamity Jane and the pressures of being a working mum

Today when I picked Immie up from nursery I had to sign a bump form (to say I was aware she'd had a bump at nursery). This is the 3rd bump form either me or OH has signed this week.

Immie is sporting a rather nice red mark under her right eye, she looks like she has given Vinny Jones a run for his money and Im sure by tomorrow it will be a nice bruise! Apparently she was playing with "another child" (I love how they cant name which child, incase you have a demented mother revenge attack LOL) and some big tubes and toy cars, apparently she got a bit carried away and the tube whacked her in the face. After a cold compress and a cuddle she calmed down and has been fine all afternoon!

Bumps are all part of growing up, but I do hope she'll work out where her limbs are in relation to other objects soon!

This week has been a disaster week. After feeling crappy last weekend and Monday, I went down with the most hideous mouth ulcers and sore throat. I have been off work ever since. I can't believe Im only on my 3rd week back and already had to have time off for illness. I'm sure a lot of it is because I've lost some of my immunity since I've been off, my immune system needs to get back to full strength. But also I am tired and run down. The pressure of going back full time Vs the guilt of not being a SAHM is unbelievable.

I'm sure some people at work think I'm swinging the lead but I'm really not. I'm finding it hard to be back at work and not be the same work-a-holic I was BI (Before Immie!) I want to be a good teacher and do my job well, but I also have my family life to balance and suddenly I can't be doing all the extra's I was before. Some people have been very supportive. But I'm sure some people don't get it.

Being tired and drained also makes you paranoid. The lack of a text or email, sends your mind in to overdrive. Why haven't they responded? What have i done wrong? etc

I knew it would be hard going back, but I didn't envisage it would be this hard. I've worked in my current job a long time now. I know the staff and pupils pretty well. But since I have been on maternity leave I feel like everything has changed and it's not that easy to just snap back in to place. I don't think it's anyones fault, just the way life is and Im sure it would be the same in any job, doesn't make it any easier to swallow though.

Mama x

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