Thursday, 12 May 2011

I think she's beginning to understand things

Immie has always been very good at copying things. You blow a raspberry, she blows one back, you poke your tongue out, she'll copy. Recently we have noticed her doing lots of new things, which she has learnt at nursery, presumably by copying.

We noticed a few weeks back that if you sing "Row row row your boat" she will rock back and forth chuntering "row row row". If you sing the bit about "if you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream" she puts her hands up and screeches "aaaahhhhhh". The other day in the car "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" came on and she started to clap, in all the right places.

This is of course very cute, but last night I noticed something different, something that wasn't down to copying or learning by rote. She was in her cot and had a few books. I said "Imogen, pass mummy the book please" (accompanied by the makaton sign for please, which she has learnt at nursery!) and low and behold she crawled over, picked a book up and passed it to me. I let her play for a bit, then tried again with a different book, again she passed it to me.

I think she actually understood me. She knew I wanted her to pass me the book, she could have picked up anything in that cot, dummy, cuddly toy, mussy but she knew I'd asked for the book! Amazing!

In the last week nursery tell me she has been counting to 4 (I cant get her past 2 at home though LOL) and she now knows the makaton signs for please, thank you and rabbit!

We of course think she is a genius! Im sure most babies do these things, but the speed she is picking stuff up is astounding. She's growing up way too fast. Already she doesn't seem like a baby anymore, this makes me a little sad, but Im also very proud of how fast she is developing.

Mama x

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