Thursday, 7 July 2011

Yesterday Immie got told off at nursery!

Up until yesterday Immie has been brilliant at nursery. Mostly happy (except when ill), joins in activities, learns lots of new stuff, gives lots of kisses and cuddles etc.

Yesterday, however, they saw her naughty side. When I went to pick Imogen up, her key worker said that she'd had to tell her off. Apparently she had thrown her tea all over the floor. By the sound of it, it wasn't a tantrum or an accident, she just decided it was a good game!

Her key worker said to her (in a stern voice) "Imogen, we do not throw our food on the floor". Imogen was apparently quite shocked by this and looked at her key worker  and just said (in an overly dramatic voice) "Uh oh!"

I just hope she has learnt a valuable lesson and does not throw her food on the floor, I can just imagine the conversations in the staffroom "ooh and her mum;s a teacher too!"

Mama x

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  1. LOL! Oh bless! That did make me giggle! Sounds like she won't do it again in a hurry!