Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Being a full time working mummy...

is sometimes flipping hard.

When we're all 100% well and everything goes to plan it works like a dream.

I get up at 5.30am (well 6am by the time I've hit snooze a few times), OH gives Immie a bottle, watches TV with her etc while he has his brekkie. At 6.40am I take over, get her washed and dressed, we leave for nursery at 7.06am (precisely!) and I drop her off at nursery about 7.25am. She happily goes to one of the nursery practitioners for cuddles, lots of smilies and off I go. I usually pick up some lunch in Tesco on the way and arrive at school about 7.55am. I work all day, my lessons go like a dream, my  pupils all make progress, I have the odd meeting, do some paperwork leave at about 4.55pm, pick Immie up at 5.20pm. She will have had a great day, eaten all her food, had lots of naps, said a few new words/done some walking with a walker, possibly jumped in the water tray and got soaked, making her key worker laugh. We go home, she plays with her toys till about 6.30ish then its bath, bottle, bed. She drifts off to a deep sleep, doesn't wake up. We get dinner in peace, I do a bit more work (AKA watch Corrie) then its off to bed all ready to do it again the next day.

Then you have days like this

I wake at 3.30am because I don't feel well, Immie wakes around the same time boiling hot due to a reaction to her MMR jab (see yesterdays post!) I cant get back to sleep to go and watch TV and do some ironing. Immie wakes again inconsolable, this time its teeth, so after a bit of bonjela and lots of mummy cuddles she goes back to sleep, at this point I feel guilty because I realise sometimes she just wants her mummy and today she will have to settle for daddy as mummy is going to teach other peoples babies :(

I then decide to cut my losses and get ready for work (after  updating my blog) I decide to go to work early to catch up on paperwork. Then the realisation that I've only had about 4 hours sleep hits home and today I will be teaching 2 Y6 classes full of kids I've never met before, as well as one of my own classes. I've got to get 3 sets of reports written just incase Immie is ill tomorrow (because it will be my turn to stay home!) then I've got to rush for a docs appointment, back to school for a governors meeting followed by my yoga class.

Well looks like I'll be sacking off yoga tonight, I'm just not up to it. Governors is hanging in the balance too, but I'll see how I get on at the docs.

Phew, with any luck I won't fall asleep teaching.

Mama x

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