Friday, 8 July 2011

Mummy is off to London town!

Today I am going on my lovely friend Hannah's Hen Do. We are going to the big smoke. There will be lovely food, seeing a show, shopping and lots of laughs. We are staying in a 5* hotel, I have never stayed in a 5* hotel before. I am beyond excited.

Today is also the first day I am going to be away from Immie overnight. She is staying at home with her Daddy and Nana and Grandad have come to stay.

It will be strange not seeing her for over 24 hours. I'm ok with it at the moment, there have been occasions when I haven't seen her before bedtime when I've been stuck in meetings and times when I haven't seen her in the morning because she's had a lay in and I've been off to work. So I don't think I'll be a blubbering mess but who knows. I've no doubt that Daddy can cope either. So I know she will be safe and happy, she probably won't even notice I'm not there!!! I just hope he feeds her more than fish fingers and potato waffles!

So now I'm off to have some fun with friends and a chance to be Helen, not Mama!

Mama x

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