Saturday, 25 June 2011

Anabelle's Angel Day

So today has been an extra special Saturday. Today was Anabelle's Angel Day! The culmination of tireless fundraising by a very special mummy and daddy, Caroline and Jon.

Caroline and Jon are Mummy and Daddy to their beautiful angel baby Anabelle. Anabelle was born sleeping at just 32 weeks. Caroline and Jon have had to deal with possibly one of life's cruelest twists but they have done it with courage, love and honesty. A support to each other at the darkest of moments.

They have focussed their efforts in to fund raising for SANDS (The stillborn and neo-natal death charity). There has been an online line donation page, a fundraising walk and today, a special fete in honour of a very special angel baby. With the support and kindness of friends, family and total strangers they have well exceeded their target! An amazing achievement!!!!

If you want to find out more about Anabelle, Caroline and Jon then check out the following links

Anabelle's Angel Day on Facebook
After Anabelle, Caroline's blog

And now I have a favour to ask, if you have any spare cash, anything at all even just a pound, then donate it to Anabelle's Angel Day Just Giving Page!

Help support mummies, daddies and families just like Caroline, Jon and Anabelle.

Mama x

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