Tuesday, 28 June 2011


So there has been shed loads of press about MMR and how safe it is. One doctor wrote an article in a medical journal and now people are convinced it leads to autism, deafness, watching porn etc

We're quite practical parents in this house, we take the opinion that the "research" which kicked off all the controversy was scientifically flawed (well this is what the OH reckons), that the press misinterpreted it and over-hyped it and the diseases that MMR prevents are far worse than any side effects. Therefore we are of the opinion that modern medical intervention is good and Immie will be having all her jabbies.

What we didnt bank on was that the MMR is what they call a live vaccination and therefore you can display some of the symptoms of Measles, Mumps and Rubella. So today, 6 weeks after the jabbies, Immie has started to experience the symptoms of mumps. I get a phone call from nursery saying that her temperature is sky high (40!) and that despite being given a dose of our favourite branded paracetamol suspension, she's not well and I need to pick her up. Fortunately, I wasn't teaching this morning so I rushed across town to pick her up.

On arrival at nursery I find her stripped to a nappy, laying on a beanbag while her keywork mops her brow with a damp flannel and takes her temperature. Immie is doing her best 'I'm ill please look after me" look.

She clearly wasn't well, so I took her home, arranged a doctors appointment, then OH turned up to take over.

Doctor was mystified to the cause, she was only sent home from nursery a few weeks back with similar symptoms, but after a while he deduced it was probably a reaction to the jabbies which we had forgotten all about (despite being told by the practice nurse you can get symptoms for up to 8 weeks!)

So prescription for ibuprofen has been written so nursery can give her that as well as paracetamol.

I'm very lucky work have been so understanding. Hopefully the symptoms will go tomorrow and we can get back to normal, or maybe this is part of Immie's cunning plan to get out of sports day at nursery tomorrow!!

Mama x

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